Professional Learning Network

Professional Learning Network

Professional Learning NetworkNetworking is the buzzword for education industry in the twenty first century. Collaborative learning is turning the world into a tiny place in terms of connectivity. In the case of new inventions and discoveries, sharing among the network plays an important part. This idea emphasizes the importance of professional learning environments.

Learning through network is all about connectivity and learning through various social networking websites. This kind of networks help in improving classroom teaching with the implementation of new projects. There are several methods through which network can be build and the following tips explains the various methods for building a Professional Learning Network.

Collaboration should be the motivation in Professional Learning Networks. Instead of thinking about what can be obtained, what can be given to the community should be the central focus of collaboration. By sharing relevant information among the peer the network will grow slowly. Collaborative environment gives opportunities for your network to see what your interests are. Sharing useful information is part of social responsibility which will motivate others to network with you.

Online Community
Sharing ideas by joining in an online community will be more effective as feedback can be obtained directly. Online communities give several features for organizing events and networking with people. Sharing of information in the form of pictures, videos and documents is possible through such platforms.

Online Meet Ups
These are meetings conducted through online platforms like Skype and Google Hangout. Meeting with other people having similar interests which may also happen in real life is an excellent opportunity for Professional Learning.

Asking Questions
As Professional Learning network focus on learning one should not be afraid of asking questions. While asking questions it should be kept in mind that it is specific in nature and is worth to create interest in the audience.

Active Participation
Having thorough knowledge about a subject can increase the chances of getting noticed while discussing about a topic. The participation should not divert from the topic and posting at least once in a week will keep your account active among the group.

Separating Personal and Professional Networks
It will be a good idea to keep the professional network to be different from a personal network. At occasions there might be cross overs which should be kept aligned with the interests of the audience.

Engaging Newbies
The professional network should comprise of newbies, peers and experts. Having contact with people coming from a diverse spectrum will give chances to interact better and helping newbies will increase mentoring skills.