An Alumni association is a community formed by former students of a university or college. Alumni association sometimes organize events inside or outside campus, publish newsletters periodically, publish magazines and sometimes raise fund for an organization. Alumni associations help students to connect with the educational institution. There are a variety of the services offered by Alumni Association outside Campus. Sometimes career development programs which include the sharing of experience old students have in the institutions are done. This also includes mentoring programs for existing students. Some alumni helps students by providing internship and externship opportunities as well as job placement programs.  General social networking events in socialRead More →

There are several reasons why digital education is different from conventional education and can be better utilized. The top ten advantages of digital education are described below. 1. Student Engagement Keeping students motivated through content that is engaging is possible through digital education method. Promoting related content to the students, understanding the learner’s knowledge level and self expression are the primary factors concerning student engagement. 2. Time for Learning In conventional education system managing time is a difficult process. Social, Family and Work commitments can there as hinderance in such a situation. Digital education allows flexibility in choosing the convenient time for learning. 3. Location for Learning Studying in aRead More →

We are living in a world where ideas collapse, promises go unfulfilled, ideologies crashes and classroom learning is changing frequently. New technologies makes people realise what is being practised for a longer time. Ethics in education should be taught to students as a method for seeking the truth rather than expressing opinions. Adding courses related to ethics in the curriculum alone is not sufficient during the progress of life. A new method of educating people not as invisible profiles and ways of selling consumer goods should be build upon taking into consideration long term goals. Education should be concentrated against cruelty in general. Teaching theRead More →