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Students bringing in mobile devices like cellphones and tablets are on the rise in the recent years. Most of the educational institutions ban cellphone usage inside their campus. Certain schools and colleges permit the usage of cellphone with restrictions. Most of the parents allow students to take up mobile phones to their schools even if it is banned in schools. Most parents are also concerned about the use of cellphones during class hours. The following are some of the Pros of students taking Cellphones to Schools The parents can access the students in case of emergency In the event of power failure and lock downRead More →

The first step after joining a course is about organizing everything for meeting the financial goals. As the expense for higher education is costlier most of the students depend upon loans. The following are some of the tips helpful for students taking up loans for educational purpose. Before taking loans it is advisable to check for other financial options which will be eligible for the students. Some of the educational institutions offer grants and scholarships which need not be paid back. One of thing to be noted is that only early applications gets consideration by certain cases.¬†As some of the scholarship applications should be appliedRead More →

Magazines published from Schools and Colleges have great importance in education. These magazine often reflects the image of the educational institution through the articles presented by the students and teachers. School and College magazines are great way to encourage the creativity in students which makes them effectively utilize language for conveying ideas. The true potential in writing among students can only be recognized through the work in magazines because there will not be much exposure in other ways. School and College magazines are the most appropriate platform for students for exposure to the artistic potential among peer. One of the main advantage of college magazinesRead More →