Each day teachers has to take decisions in a timely and appropriate manner between other teachers and students in day to day activities at schools and colleges. However different teachers and students treat these interactions differently in various parts of the world. This articles explains about common things that are contributing in improving the quality of education in schools and colleges. The interaction between teachers and students can be classifieds into two categories which are described below. Emotional Support The interaction between teachers and students can help in developing an emotionally supportive relationship which can increase the level of enjoyment and excitement related to learningRead More →

Patience is defined as the ability to bear holding up, frustrations and waiting without loosing enthusiasm. Patience is also the talent of controlling emotions and impulses and act calm during difficult times. Most of the students find it difficult to control emotions and this article explains about developing patience. Today everything is obtained because of the advances in technology and availability of products and services students have become less patient.¬† Only through experience students come to know that nothing is obtained easily and patiently waiting for the right opportunity is important. It has been found that patience reduces stress levels in students and makes themRead More →

Analytical skill is the ability of students for identifying and analyzing complex problems and ideas for reaching at a solution. Analytical skill can be used for enquiring about useful information, studying of the information and knowing the major issues, checking how many possible ways of solving the problem and sorting out the best solution. By the term “Thinking Analytically” it is meant that a¬†student thinks and examines the possibilities exists and after clearly understanding go for explaining it. The following things are needed by students for doing analytical thinking. Reason and Outcome of a Problem Resemblance or Dissimilarities Current Factors Relationship between issues Association betweenRead More →